European Masters Individual Championships – Event Postponed

European Individual Masters Championships – Update: 4th May 2022. Event Postponed.

It is with deep regret that the European Squash Federation and Scottish Squash have announced that the 2022 European Individual Masters Championships (EIMC), scheduled to take place in Edinburgh from 22nd-25th June, has been postponed.

We have been listening to the feedback from you as entrants and even with the reduced event entry & package fee, we are hearing that the costs remain too significant. Unfortunately, the timing of the event, coupled with the reopening of society following the pandemic, has led to huge demand for travel and accommodation in and around the capital city of Edinburgh. Therefore, we are facing an almost impossible task to deliver an event at a cost suitable to entrants. In addition, the total number of entrants to date remains well below that required to represent a European level competition.

The ESF Board and key stakeholders have been fully engaged to reach this decision. On reflection the ESF Board also believe realigning this event to the year where the WSF World Masters Championships are not taking place may be in the best interest of the players.

We are therefore making this difficult decision at this stage so that everyone connected with the event can get clarity on its position.

ESF/Scottish Squash

4th May 2022

European Individual Masters Championships (EIMC) – Update: 29th April 2022

Event Entry & Package

Further to the update released on 15th April 2022, we are able to confirm that the event entry & package fee for the EIMC will be adjusted and reduced to be in line (150 EUR) with the most recent event that took place in Vienna in 2019. Please note the adjustment to costs on the ESF Tournament Software system will take place on Monday 2nd May following the delivery of the European Team Championships (Div 1 & 2).

While we recognise that this is still a significant commitment for you as an entrant, we hope you’ll understand that the lasting impact of the pandemic and the ongoing challenges of the current financial climate are having a very real impact on the delivery of all such events.

In addition, the associated costs for us and our delivery partners, whether that be for the referee team, volunteers and staff, are higher than we’ve ever faced before and we are seeing even greater challenges with it being the capital city in Edinburgh.

Please note that all entrants who have already entered at the original event entry & package fee level will be reimbursed appropriately. We will contact you all directly in due course.


As at 28th April, there are around thirty confirmed entrants. As you will be as an entrant, we are conscious of the need to ensure the event is well enough attended to represent a European level competition. We will obviously provide a final update on the position at the closing date of Saturday 14th May, and in the meantime we are encouraging all of our players based in Scotland to consider confirming their entry as early as possible and by Friday 6th May if at all possible. An early indication on the level of attendance from those not having to make the same overseas travel (and additional accommodation in some cases) arrangements will support all our friends from across Europe to be better informed on the status of the event.

ESF/Scottish Squash

29th April 2022


  1. What is in the event entry & package fee?

All players looking to participate in the event are required to purchase the event entry fee and package fee which is displayed on the ESF Tournament Software website. The event ‘entry and package fee’ makes up full entry into the event. The ‘entry fee’ (15 euro) is retained by ESF as part of the sanction agreement with ESF Championship events. The package fee (135 euro) is the contribution to the overall running of the event.

Within the full fee this provides players with the opportunity to participate in the event and supports the costs incurred which are highlighted above.

This fee does note include a player’s party. Further details will be released after the closing date on a player’s party.

  1. What is the deadline for entering the event?

The event entry deadline is 23:59 (BST) on Saturday 14th May

  1. What is the entry deadline for players based on Scotland?

We’re encouraging all players based in Scotland to enter via the online system by Friday 6th May


15th April 2022

European Masters Individual Championships (EMIC), 22-25 June 2022; Edinburgh, Scotland

We would like to take this opportunity to provide a quick update on the EMIC that will take place in Edinburgh in June 2022.

The European Squash Federation (ESF) and Scottish Squash are looking forward to welcoming many of you to Scotland for this prestigious event, and we hope that you are excited for the return of this event and following a 2 year hiatus.

Some of the team at Scottish Squash are taking a short break, on the back of the successful delivery of the 2022 World Doubles Championships in Glasgow earlier this month – and on their return, the focus will very much be on the EMIC and ensuring that it can be delivered to the appropriate standard.

We have heard a lot of feedback around the tournament package and recognise concerns in regards to this. Taking on board this feedback we’re now working to update this to ensure it meets the needs of the players.

Please continue to bear with us in the immediate period and be assured that we will provide further information as soon as possible. In addition, please continue to send all queries to – and we will work through all unanswered queries as quickly as possible.

ESF/Scottish Squash

15th April 2022